About Us



A Connecticut native, Michael spent his childhood enamored with roleplaying games and interactive gamebooks. Favorites include the Lone Wolf Series, Fighting Fantasy, Tunnels and Trolls, and of course Dungeons and Dragons. He is lead creator for Portly Pippin products.

Michael is also passionate about education- teaching, and working in higher education. Michael retired from the US Army in 2014.



Growing up in Florida, Keri always had an affection with art. She went on to study graphic design at Ringling College of Art and design, and currently studies graphic design locally. 

She is influenced by the art of 1970s Sci-Fi, Surrealism, and Duhrer to name a few. Keri also enjoys tabletop rpgs, video games, Pokemon, and boardgaming.



Immigrated from Ireland, David joined the Marine Corps shortly after graduating from high school. After four years in the Marines, he now pursues a degree in Management which he uses to manage  Portly Pippin's finances, as well as lend a hand with creative ideas.

David is a devoted Star Wars Fan, Pokemon enthusiast and Game of Thrones faithful.



A New York Native, Sean currently pursues his studies in computer science, while assisting Portly Pippin with procurement support. His hobbies include video games, Pokémon, and board games.